What Makes Regenerative Medicine So Effective?

What Makes Regenerative Medicine So Effective?

Do you keep hearing about regenerative medicine? This innovative treatment approach has been gaining attention lately, even though ancient civilizations pioneered many medical discoveries and techniques still used today. 

Regenerative medicine is a fairly general term used to describe therapies that use powerful cells in the body to regenerate or replace damaged cells or tissue. As a result, the treatment you undergo heals you and restores function instead of simply masking your symptoms.

In Monterey, California, Dr. Terry L. Franklin integrates Eastern and Western philosophies into his medical practice, including cutting-edge regenerative medicine methods designed to heal your pain at the source. 

Here are a few reasons regenerative medicine provides such effective results.

Healing the body with stem cells

There are different forms of regenerative medicine, but Dr. Franklin uses stem cells in his treatments.

Stem cells are possibly the most powerful healing agents within your body. Unlike other cells, these building blocks can transform into almost any type of tissue, from bone and cartilage to fat and muscle. 

But while you have stem cells all over your body — and they’re also in umbilical cords and amniotic fluid — the source of the stem cells significantly affects their therapeutic potency.

Because of this, Dr. Franklin relies on stem cells from amniotic membranes. This tissue contains high concentrations of very potent stem cells. This gives them remarkable healing capabilities when used in regenerative treatments.

Getting results with regenerative medicine

During your regenerative medicine treatment, Dr. Franklin injects stem cells into the area of your body with damage or disease. 

This targeted approach activates the healing process exactly where you need it most, and it’s on a cellular level because the injected stem cells start repairing and rebuilding the tissue.

Dr. Franklin can use regenerative medicine to treat numerous pain conditions, including:

But regenerative medicine doesn’t provide results overnight. Instead, it takes weeks or months to see the full benefits from your treatment. 

The good news is that you can see improvement in the area as healthy new cells return to the treatment site. As this occurs, pain decreases, inflammation subsides, and function improves in the area.

What to expect during your appointment

Dr. Franklin can perform regenerative medicine during a routine office visit, and it comes with little if any downtime. Dr. Franklin provides personalized instructions and how to proceed after your treatment based on your condition and overall health.

Regenerative medicine therapy comes with few risks and side effects. You may experience some tenderness, inflammation, or redness at the injection site, but this response indicates the normal healing process is underway.

In some cases, Dr. Franklin recommends a series of regenerative medicine treatments to achieve the best results.

Are you ready to see for yourself why regenerative medicine is so effective? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Franklin by calling 831-647-3190 today.

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