What Does a Wellness Care Visit Cover?

What Does a Wellness Care Visit Cover?

Most people know that a regular doctor’s appointment plays a key role in preventing disease. But Dr. Terry L. Franklin in Monterey, California, understands that optimal health and wellness goes far beyond your physical state alone. 

Instead, he acts as a wellness coach, practicing holistic, whole-body health care that looks at your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

When you partner with Dr. Franklin, here’s what you can expect during a wellness care visit.

What sets wellness care apart

At its core, a wellness care exam focuses on protecting your health and wellness and stopping problems before they occur. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on lab tests and symptoms, Dr. Franklin assesses all aspects of your life, including your:

Then, Dr. Franklin takes what he’s learned and works closely with you to create goals that put you on the path to health and wellness. 

How wellness care plans work

Everyone is different, which means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to reaching or maintaining a healthy, thriving, and fulfilling life. That’s why Dr. Franklin takes a personalized approach and acts as your coach, so you receive the support, empowerment, and motivation you need on your wellness journey.

Depending on your health and overall goals, your wellness care visit could focus on services that include:

Dr. Franklin can also offer recommendations to help improve your mental or emotional well-being and work environment. The possibilities are endless with wellness programs. With this individualized approach, everyone can reach their health and wellness goals.

Who can benefit from wellness care

Anyone can benefit from wellness care. That’s because these appointments provide an opportunity to take a proactive approach to your health and stay up-to-date on immunizations and health screenings, like blood pressure and cholesterol testing.

But wellness care visits provide additional benefits if you don’t feel your best or have specific changes you’d like to make, like losing weight or quitting smoking. Other reasons to pursue wellness care include:

With Dr. Franklin as your wellness coach, you can rest easy knowing you have the expertise and tools you need to live your best and healthiest life.

To learn more about wellness care or schedule an appointment with Terry L. Franklin, MD, contact our office in downtown Monterey by calling 831-647-3190 today.

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