Top 5 Benefits of Vitamin Injections

If you’re looking for ways to improve your health, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how vitamins can help. But having the right nutrients in your body can do a lot more than that.

Terry L. Franklin, MD, brings a whole body approach to his private medical practice in Monterey, California. Part of this involves promoting optimal wellness by ensuring your body has the nutrients it needs with vitamin injections.

Here we share five reasons Dr. Franklin relies on vitamin injections instead of oral pills and supplements.

1. Better absorption

When you take something by mouth, it has to pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream. Unfortunately, that means you lose a significant amount of the nutrients in the pill before they can provide any benefits to your body.

Vitamin injections avoid that nutrient loss by delivering them directly into your bloodstream, resulting in 100% absorption. Plus, if you have any illnesses affecting your digestive system, vitamin injections could be the only supplement option your body can properly absorb.

2. Personalized formulas

Vitamin B12 injections are one of the most popular and beneficial formulas available. This nutrient helps you make red blood cells, keeps your nerves functioning, and provides energy. But that’s only the beginning when it comes to your vitamin injection options.

At our Shot Bar, we offer numerous preformulated injections, based on your needs. These formulas help support your health in a variety of ways, such as:

You can also get vitamin injections that help support weight loss.

3. More efficient

If you want to get results from a pill or supplement, you have to take them daily, but to get results from vitamin injections, you stop in for a quick office visit once a week or so. Plus, you often see results faster with injections since your body absorbs 100% of vitamins and nutrients immediately.

We also offer IV vitamin infusions. With this approach, you receive a larger dose of vitamins and nutrients through an intravenous drip.

4. Medical supervision

Unlike a trip to the drugstore, where you find yourself staring at an endless aisle of vitamins and supplements, vitamin injections come with medical supervision. 

Dr. Franklin is not only a board-certified physician and fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, but he holds advanced degrees in chemistry and medicine and completed graduate medical studies. 

On top of that, Dr. Franklin is trained in medical acupuncture and completed advanced training in traditional Chinese medicine. With his expertise and medical training, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the exact vitamins and nutrients you need for optimal health.

5. More economical

At first blush, over-the-counter pills and supplements may seem cheaper than vitamin injections. Your vitamin injection might have a higher price tag, but your body absorbs 100% of your personalized formula, with the added benefit of medical supervision.

And in most cases, the OTC vitamins come with added fillers that don’t offer any nutritional benefits. You don’t have to worry about that with vitamin injections.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your metabolism, recharge your body, or improve your wellness, vitamin injections can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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