The Many Benefits of Having a Wellness Coach on Your Team

You may have heard the term “wellness coach” in the past, but do you know what it means? Many assume that it focuses solely on your physical health and well-being, but partnering with the wellness coach goes far beyond that.

At the private practice of Terry L. Franklin, MD, we know firsthand that everyone has different reasons for seeking wellness care, but they all focus around a desire to stay healthy for the long run. Here are just a few of the many benefits of having a wellness coach on your team.

Getting to know your wellness coach

To understand the benefits of a wellness coach, it helps to have a bigger picture of the role they play in helping you achieve your health goals.

Wellness coaches like Dr. Franklin are experts in health, which makes them the perfect resource when you want to make healthy changes in your life. It all starts with a comprehensive consultation designed to evaluate your health, medical history, and physical and emotional state. 

After getting a good sense of your current overall wellness, Dr. Franklin works closely with you to identify goals for your health. He uses these goals to map out a wellness planned customized to your individual needs.

Your wellness care plan could include:

A wellness plan can also include changes designed to help improve other aspects of your life, like your work environment and your emotional and mental health.

The benefits of working with a wellness coach

There are several reasons to work with a wellness coach. But no matter what’s motivating you to make changes to improve your overall health, Dr. Franklin can set you on the path to success from the very beginning. 

With a wellness coach, you’re never alone. That means that if you have a setback, you have someone to help get you back on track again.

Working with a wellness coach also ensures you learn sustainable strategies that can bring improved health, wellness, and overall well-being to your entire life. 

This very personalized approach involves working with your unique strengths and values, which create long-lasting changes. And working with a wellness coach often provides empowerment and inspiration that keep you motivated every step of the way.

With this personalized, whole-body approach to helping you improve your health and wellness, you can expect to get results that last a lifetime. Examples of these benefits could include:

Even if you feel healthy already, a wellness coach can provide the support you need to maintain these results or identify additional areas where you can improve.

Do you want help living your healthiest life? Have a wellness coach in your corner. Contact our office in downtown Monterey, California, by calling 831-647-3190 today.

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