Need Immune Support? Try Vitamin Injections

Need Immune Support? Try Vitamin Injections

When it comes to staying healthy, eating right plays a crucial role in keeping your immune system in peak condition. Unfortunately, even the best diets fall short from time to time, but vitamin injections can help.

Dr. Terry L. Franklin brings a holisticfunctional, and regenerative approach to medicine at his practice in Monterey, California. Part of his philosophy centers around helping your body achieve optimal health to prevent disease, which is why he offers vitamin injections.

Vitamin injections and wellness

In an ideal world, you’d get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need from the food you eat. But eating a nutritious and balanced diet is often easier said than done. 

Fortunately, you can use vitamin injections to avoid deficiencies, treat health conditions, and support your overall health and vitality.

Unlike a vitamin pill or capsule, vitamin injections deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This approach ensures the full dose reaches your system, circulating through your bloodstream quickly and reaching the cells that need it the most. 

Dr. Franklin uses vitamin injections for such issues as:

You can also get vitamin injections designed specifically for boosting and maintaining your immune system.

How vitamin injections support your immune system

Dr. Franklin loves vitamin injections because of their versatility. This flexibility allows him to personalize each of his Shot Bar vitamin injections on a person-by-person basis. 

That means you can choose one of his standard vitamin injections, enhance a formula, or simply get the individual nutrients you want. It’s all based on your unique needs.

For example, a standard Shot Bar injection contains vitamin B12. This nutrient is crucial for brain, nerve, and red blood cell function, DNA production, and your immune system. When you become deficient in vitamin B12, it often causes fatigue, weakness, or megaloblastic anemia.

Additional nutrients Dr. Franklin might recommend for your immune system include: 

Dr. Franklin can also add specific homeopathic medicines to your injection to further enhance its therapeutic benefits.

What to expect from vitamin injections

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Franklin at the Shot Bar, he discusses your overall health and goals to help determine which formula and dosage could be best for you. 

Vitamin shots come with few, if any, risks. Depending on your health, Dr. Franklin could recommend a series of injections to improve your immunity or regular shots to maintain long-term results.

To learn more about how vitamin injections could improve your immunity, call our office in Monterey, California, at 831-647-3190 to schedule a consultation today.

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