I’m Ready to Lose Weight: Can Vitamin Injections Help?

Life would be easier if there were a single solution to every problem, but real life is often more complicated, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Dr. Terry L. Franklin takes a whole-body approach to health and wellness, starting with the right nutrients to ensure optimal weight loss. But he also provides the personalized lifestyle strategies you need to guarantee results that last a lifetime.

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey? Here are a few reasons Dr. Franklin could make vitamin injections part of your strategy.

How vitamin injections work

As you might suspect, a vitamin injection involves getting nutrients from a shot instead of a capsule that you swallow. 

When you take supplements by mouth, they have to pass through your digestive system. This process takes time and makes the dose less potent by the time it reaches the cells that need it.

A vitamin injection avoids these issues by delivering the nutrients straight into your bloodstream. This direct approach guarantees you get the maximum dose of vitamins and minerals — and fast.

Dr. Franklin offers numerous vitamin injections at his Shot Bar in Monterey, California, including formulas to help support weight loss.

Vitamin injections and weight loss

Your body needs nutrients to function in peak condition, especially your metabolism. When you lack vital vitamins and minerals, it can affect everything from your energy and stamina levels to your fat burning and weight loss potential.

Dr. Franklin has standard injections at his Shot Bar, along with formulas he customizes based on your health and nutritional needs. A popular option to support weight loss often includes vitamin B12, carnitine, and MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline).

When delivered together in a vitamin shot, these ingredients act as a fat burner to help you reach your weight loss goals. 

After performing blood work and identifying nutritional deficiencies, Dr. Franklin can determine if they’re right for you. He can even add homeopathic medicines to your injection to treat other health conditions.

What to expect from vitamin injections for weight loss

Dr. Franklin often includes vitamin injections as part of his overall weight loss and wellness care strategies. 

In addition to vitamin injections, your program might include:

Dropping extra pounds is never easy, but you’re not alone with Dr. Franklin by your side. With his experience and comprehensive approach, you can rest easy knowing you’ll finally get results, even if you haven’t had success in the past.

Are you ready to lose weight? See if vitamin injections could help. Contact our downtown Monterey, California, office to schedule a consultation today.

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