How Regenerative Medicine Can Help You

If you’ve been looking for more natural ways to heal your body, it’s time to explore regenerative medicine. This innovative field of medicine isn’t new. But advancements in therapies and techniques have made it more popular than ever because of its ability to repair your body on a cellular level.

Terry L. Franklin, MD, believes regenerative medicine holds great promise because of its proven ability to remove, repair, or replace damaged tissue within the body. That’s why he offers stem cell therapy at our practice in Monterey, California.

How stem cells work

Regenerative medicine therapies rely on elements within the body involved in the healing process. There are several types of these healing agents, but the most powerful involve stem cells.

Your body contains many different cells, but stem cells are special. These unique cells have the ability to self-renew and become any type of cell needed, ranging from muscle cells to brain cells. 

This remarkable capability makes them highly valuable for treating numerous health problems because of their ability to repair or regenerate damaged tissue.

In regenerative medicine, Dr. Franklin injects concentrated amounts of stem cells directly into the part of your body with damage or disease to activate and accelerate the healing process.

Conditions that respond to regenerative medicine

There are several stem cell sources, but Dr. Franklin relies on those found in amniotic membranes. These types of stem cells are especially potent and can help with a wide range of problems, such as:

But since regenerative medicine works by healing your body, it can take time before you see results.

What to expect from stem cell therapy

Dr. Franklin offers regenerative medicine treatments during a routine office appointment. Since it involves an injection, he often starts by applying a local anesthetic at the site to keep you comfortable during your shots.

After receiving your injections, there’s little — if any — downtime and few side effects. But you might notice mild inflammation, tenderness, or redness in the area, which is completely normal. This reaction indicates that the stem cells are at work and the healing process has begun. 

As new cells generate in the area, these symptoms fade. And over the weeks to come, you can expect to see significant changes in the treated area as health and function return.

Depending on your symptoms and your condition, Dr. Franklin could recommend a series of injections, but you can usually see remarkable results after a single treatment.

Are you ready to see if regenerative medicine can help you? Contact our office in downtown Monterey, California, by calling us today.

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