How Mind/Body Coaching Can Shift Your Life in a Positive Direction

Have you ever noticed that pain always seems worse or more persistent at times of high stress or anxiety? That’s because all of the systems in your body overlap — including your mind.

Unfortunately, modern medicine often treats patients by symptoms alone. So if you have a headache, a traditional doctor may run some tests to make a diagnosis and then prescribe medication to treat it. 

But this approach doesn’t consider how one system in the body affects another. For example, people with heart disease have more cardiac symptoms with greater severity while under stress. Treating cardiac symptoms may be a good start, but they’re only half the problem. 

Terry L. Franklin, MD, believes in treating the entire person, not just the symptoms. At his practice in Monterey, California, he pioneered a new and creative approach to providing health care called Appreciative Medicine™. 

Dr. Franklin knows health and life are a continuum of your physical, emotional, and psychological being, as well as a spiritual quest. 

When you work with Dr. Franklin to achieve optimal health, you can expect a trusted partnership and holistic approach. That means Dr. Franklin works with you to incorporate all aspects of your emotional, mental, physical, and environmental factors into your treatment plan. 

One part of this approach involves mind/body coaching.

How mind/body coaching works

Your physical and mental health are intricately intertwined, so it’s hard to have optimal health without supporting both systems.

The overall goal of mind/body coaching lies in promoting mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. Dr. Franklin relies on a variety of methods to relax and rejuvenate these parts of your being, such as:

These strategies may seem overwhelming, but you’re not alone with a mind/body coach. Dr. Franklin acts as your trusted guide as you learn and explore the best techniques to improve your own health and well-being.

The benefits of mind/body coaching

As we mentioned above, traditional medicine often draws a hard line between physical and mental health. In their minds, certain diseases are physical, and others are mental. 

But spending more time nurturing your mind and body can transform your life and send you in new directions.

Working with a mind/body coach can help you:

Dr. Franklin can also help you gain a better understanding of the neuroscience and research behind the benefits of mind/body coaching.

Curious to learn more about a holistic approach to health care and the benefits of mind/body coaching? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Franklin today by calling 831-647-3190.

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