Help! I’m Struggling To Lose Weight

Nothing is quite as frustrating as failing to reach your weight loss goals, especially when you’re doing everything right. The truth is, the weight loss process is far more complex than you’ve been led to believe, especially the older you get.

In Monterey, California, Terry L. Franklin, MD, relies on functional, holistic, and regenerative medicine techniques when caring for his patients. With this whole-body approach, he helps get to the bottom of your weight loss problems so you can achieve optimum health and wellness.

The truth about weight loss

If weight loss were easy, we'd all have the perfect figure. But there’s a reason why the diet and weight loss market in the United States is worth $72 billion. Unfortunately, successful weight loss involves more than gimmicks, diet, and exercise alone.

Here are a few basic facts about losing weight:

On top of that, there isn’t a single weight loss solution that works for everyone. And sometimes, you could have underlying health issues adding to the mix.

Physical barriers and weight loss

When your body isn’t functioning properly, it can make weight loss even more challenging. So if you’ve been following a healthy weight loss plan to the letter and still can’t shed those pounds, it could be time to look at other causes. 

Sometimes barriers to weight loss can be as simple as poor sleep or more complex medical issues. You can also face challenges with weight loss because of emotional and environmental factors. 

Common barriers to weight loss include:

You don’t have to let these barriers hold you back on your weight loss journey, though. At his practice, Dr. Franklin works to support your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Overcoming weight loss barriers

Dr. Franklin starts your appointment with a comprehensive physical exam. He also brings his unique medical philosophy to health care to your consultation: Appreciative Medicine™. 

Appreciative Medicine views health and life as a continuum of your physical, emotional, and psychological being as well as a spiritual quest. This process helps build a partnership that focuses on achieving optimal health.

During your appointment, Dr. Franklin discusses your concerns, weight loss plan, and family and personal medical history. Based on this information, he can determine if you need additional diagnostic testing to identify any medical conditions, like hormonal disorders.

After reaching a diagnosis, Dr. Franklin continues working with you to outline a personalized strategy so you can overcome your weight loss barriers. This could include:

This whole-body approach can help identify what’s preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals and set you on the path to success.

Don’t wait to reach your weight loss goals. Partner with a doctor you can trust. Schedule an appointment with Terry L Franklin, MD, by calling 831-647-3190 today.

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