Healing Your Body on a Cellular Level with Regenerative Medicine

Healing Your Body on a Cellular Level with Regenerative Medicine

Your body has remarkable abilities, but it’s easy to overlook most of them because they occur on a cellular level. That’s exactly where regenerative medicine comes into play.

Regenerative medicine is a medical discipline that focuses on healing the body on a cellular level. This field uses healing elements in the body to regenerate new and healthy cells where there’s damage or disease, eliminating pain, illness, and dysfunction.

There are several regenerative medicine therapies that rely on different healing elements in the body. Terry L. Franklin, MD, uses stem cell therapy at his practice in downtown Monterey, California. He believes in the great promise regenerative medicine has already shown, especially when using stem cells. 

Here’s how regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy can heal your body on a cellular level.

Healing the body instead of treating it

One of the main things setting regenerative medicine apart is that it strives to heal the body, not just mask your symptoms. And it approaches this by using powerful healing agents found in the human body, like stem cells.

Unlike other cells in your body, a stem cell can become almost any kind of tissue, making it a cellular building block. So in regenerative medicine, Dr. Franklin injects stem cells into an area of your body with damage, and the stems can regenerate new and healthy cells in the area, whether it’s cartilage, fat, muscle, or bone.

And as healthy new cells return to the area, your symptoms diminish and function returns.

How stem cell therapy works

Stem cells exist in numerous parts of the body, from fat tissue and bone marrow to placental tissue, umbilical cord tissue, and umbilical cord blood. 

While all stem cells can regenerate tissue, some sources are more powerful than others. Because of this, Dr. Franklin relies on stem cells harvested from amniotic membranes. 

Amniotic tissue provides high concentrations of some of the most potent stem cells available, offering even more therapeutic benefits than those found in other parts of the body.

Dr. Franklin injects the stem cells directly into your damaged tissue, such as:

Once in place, the concentrated dose of stem cells gets to work on a cellular level, activating the healing process and producing new cells.

Getting results from regenerative medicine

Because regenerative medicine works on a cellular level, you won’t notice any changes overnight. Instead, it can take several weeks or months and a series of appointments for results. But as healthy cells regenerate in the site, you can expect your symptoms to fade and function to return in the area.

Are you curious to see if regenerative medicine can help your body on a cellular level? Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franklin by calling 831-647-3190 today.

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