Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Stop My Menopausal Symptoms?

Menopause may be a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate.

Dr. Terry L. Franklin understands the challenges that come with hormone imbalances, especially those related to menopause. That’s why he offers multiple strategies to help people restore balance, from wellness care and lifestyle education to hormone replacement therapy.

Do you need help feeling like yourself again? Here’s how hormone replacement therapy could help.

Recognizing the signs of menopause

When a woman or person assigned female at birth reaches menopause, menstruation stops. At this point, the ovaries no longer produce high levels of estrogen and progesterone. 

But the process doesn’t happen overnight.

Instead, menopause officially means you haven’t had a period for 12 months in a row. On average, this occurs around age 51, but it can naturally happen anytime in your 40s or 50s or anytime due to medical causes.

The transitional phase leading up to this can last for years — a time known as perimenopause. At this point, hormone levels can fluctuate, triggering the symptoms people associate with menopause.

Common signs of menopause include:

It’s also common to experience changes in menstruation and irregular periods, but you can still get pregnant during this time.

Menopausal symptoms can vary significantly from person to person — and some don’t have any at all. 

But if you do have symptoms, especially those that disrupt your daily life, hormone replacement therapy could help.

How hormone replacement therapy works

Dr. Franklin can diagnose a hormone imbalance by running blood tests, performing a physical exam, and discussing your symptoms. Then he can determine the best dose to provide consistent relief.

At his downtown Monterey, California, practice, Dr. Franklin relies on BioTE hormone replacement therapy. Unlike other prescriptions, this formula comes from bioidentical hormones from plant-based substances. 

More simply put, they have the same molecular structure as the naturally occurring hormones in your body. That means they come with fewer risks and side effects than traditional, synthetic hormones.

BioTE also comes in a different form — specifically, pellets. Dr. Franklin implants the precise amount of hormones you need underneath your skin.

So instead of an oral or topical medication that gives you an initial boost each time you use it, BioTE releases a steady dose to help you avoid those hormonal ups and downs. Pellets typically last 3-6 months, and then Dr. Franklin implants a fresh dose. 

Bioidentical hormones can provide dramatic relief for menopausal symptoms, but it can take some time to restore balance to your system. While you may notice mild relief within a few weeks, it can take approximately three months to experience the maximum benefits. 

To ensure you feel your best and only receive the hormones you need, Dr. Franklin continues monitoring your condition throughout your treatment.

Are you ready to see if hormone therapy can stop your menopausal symptoms? Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franklin in Monterey, California, today.

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