A Closer Look at Mind-Body Coaching

A Closer Look at Mind-Body Coaching

When health issues arise, they often cause physical problems that force you to pay attention — like headaches, coughs, fevers, or even digestive issues. As a result, medical professionals and patients alike often focus on their physical wellness. 

Unfortunately, all aspects of your person play a role in your health, from your everyday lifestyle to your emotional, mental, and spiritual states. More simply put: Stress, depression, or social isolation can cause physical symptoms just as easily as a poor diet or hormone imbalance.

At his practice in Monterey, California, Dr. Terry L. Franklin understands the importance of holistic health to keep the body and mind in balance. But he also knows it can be hard for you to know where to start, and that’s where mind-body coaching can help.

Are you looking for ways to improve your health and overall well-being? Here’s how mind-body coaching can help.

Taking a holistic look at your health

Modern medicine has brought numerous advancements and more treatments for previously untreatable diseases. 

These advancements have also come with more specialization in health care. For example, you go to a therapist when you have a mood disorder like depression, a cardiologist for a heart condition, or an internist for chronic diseases.

Specialized care comes with plenty of benefits, but it can force you to focus on a specific symptom, condition, or part of your body instead of the entire system as a whole. 

Dr. Franklin takes a holistic approach to health care. This approach means evaluating how one system in the body affects the others — like how your mental health and environment can impact your physical health. Similarly, your physical health can take a toll on your emotional and mental health.

So, optimal health and wellness requires keeping all aspects of your person in balance.

How mind-body coaching can help

Most people have a general sense of what they should do to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily know how to start. And even more challenging? How to adopt healthy lifestyle strategies long-term. Dr. Franklin simplifies the entire process with mind-body coaching.

The first step is recognizing one crucial thing: Your mind and body are one. What does that mean exactly? Basically, everything you experience in life and on a daily basis is directly connected to your body. 

For instance, that stressful meeting you had this morning also affected your physical health by triggering muscle tension, a surge in hormones, and accelerated breathing. These changes in the body can lead to issues such as:

Instead of treating these individual symptoms, Dr. Franklin can help identify what’s causing them. Then, he helps you improve your overall health with a personalized mind-body coaching plan.

What to expect from mind-body coaching

During your initial assessment, Dr. Franklin evaluates your overall health and discusses any symptoms or concerns you may have. He also assesses your lifestyle and talks about your current emotional and physical state.

Based on this information, Dr. Franklin can offer guidance on how to improve your mind-body connection. This often includes a variety of strategies, such as:

Dr. Franklin can also help with emotional, mental, or behavioral challenges that can interfere with your health and wellness.

Do you need help with mind-body awareness? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Terry L. Franklin in Monterey, California, to find the expert primary and whole-body care you need.

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