7 Aspects of Wellness That Support Optimal Health

7 Aspects of Wellness That Support Optimal Health

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to make healthy choices. Not only are there tons of conflicting information online, but there’s only so much time in each day. That’s where wellness coaching can help.

Working with Dr. Terry L. Franklin in Monterey, California, takes the guesswork out of making choices that support your overall health. And you get personalized recommendations based on your specific needs. 

Here are seven wellness habits Dr. Franklin relies on to help our patients reach and maintain optimal health.

A healthy diet

Feeling your best and staying in peak form is impossible without the proper nutrients. That’s why Dr. Franklin provides nutritional counseling and vitamin injections at our practice. With his help, you can learn the strategies you need to adopt a healthier and more nutritious diet. 

Dr. Franklin can also identify vitamin deficiencies and offer reliable treatments to correct them.

Regular exercise

You probably know you should get physical activity, but it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you have a health concern or significant weight to lose. Dr. Franklin provides expert guidance on how to begin an exercise program and which activities would be best for you. 

And don’t worry: There are plenty of ways to get regular activity that you’ll actually enjoy. Whether you love to dance, spend time on the basketball court, or pump iron, many things can get you moving. In fact, even a 10-minute walk can improve your cardiovascular health.

Stress management

These days, it’s hard to avoid stress. But constant stress can take a toll on your body, affecting your mental, emotional, and physical health.

As your wellness coach, Dr. Franklin takes a close look at the role stress plays in your overall health. Then he offers personalized strategies to help you learn the best management techniques to help you cope.

Quality sleep

How often do you get at least seven hours of sleep each night? If it doesn’t happen often, you could be putting your health at risk. Research shows that getting less than seven hours of sleep each night increases your chances of numerous chronic diseases, such as:

During your wellness consultation, Dr. Franklin can help you create a healthy sleep schedule and address insomnia if you spend your nights tossing and turning.

Build meaningful relationships 

Whether you have close relationships with family, coworkers, neighbors, or classmates, it’s crucial for optimal health to build and nurture meaningful friendships with other people. 

Having strong relationships with others offers numerous benefits, from lower rates of anxiety and depression to a more robust immune system. And there’s good news: Even 2-4 close friends can help.

While working on your personalized wellness program, Dr. Franklin can help you find ways to build and improve the relationships in your life. He can also offer strategies about where you can try making meaningful connections with other people.

Preventive care

As you might expect, you have to be proactive regarding your health and wellness, which means keeping up with your preventive care appointments. Fortunately, as your wellness coach, Dr. Franklin makes this step easier than ever.

As your health care provider, Dr. Franklin can recommend the appropriate routine screenings you need to help prevent or detect illness. These tests vary based on your age, gender, and risk factors. But they often include blood pressure screenings and blood tests to check your cholesterol, glucose, and hormone levels, as well as cancer screenings.

Chronic disease management

Finally, if you have a chronic disease — like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis — Dr. Franklin can make personalized wellness recommendations to help you keep in optimal health. That includes providing educational information on your condition and best practices to keep it under control. 

For example, your wellness strategy for a chronic disease could include specific dietary changes, weight management strategies, and routine doctor visits to monitor your condition.

Are you ready to make wellness changes to improve your health? Contact our office in Monterey, California, to schedule a wellness coaching session with Terry L. Franklin, MD, today.

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