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Women's Wellness Exams

At the Terry L. Franklin, M.D., we believe that the Women's Wellness Exam is an important step in preventing disease and illness. This Annual Exam is organized to detect health problems early so they can be corrected with the least effort and cost to the patient.

The first part of the Exam involves obtaining your interval medical history. What has happened to you medically since you were last seen? Have you had any illnesses? Have you developed any allergies to foods or medications. Have you undergone any surgeries, medical procedures or psychological evaluations? Do you have any specific questions that you would like answered? These are the types of issues that will be explored to better understand your current medical condition.

Blood pressure is measured and a pelvic exam and breast exam are performed. With the pelvic exam a pap smear is taken from your cervix to help detect and prevent cervical cancer. Your pelvic organs are palpated to detect any changes in your uterus or ovaries.

In some patients, a rectal exam is performed to detect and prevent colon and rectal cancer. The stool is tested (a hemoccult) for microscopic evidence of blood which can help detect colon cancer. Other organ systems are examined depending on individual circumstances. If you have an area of concern, let us know.

For many patients, a bone scan is recommended in an effort to detect and prevent osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) which is very common in women and increases in prevalence with age.

If you have a family history of cancer, be sure to tell us so that appropriate testing can be performed while you are with us for the Exam. Depending on age and family history, a mammogram is recommended and is the best means of detecting breast cancer.

Blood testing, such as blood cholesterol levels, hormone levels, and metabolic screening can be ordered if indicated at the time of your Exam, as well as a consultation with our in-house Bioidentical Hormone Health Specialist.

After all this information is obtained, areas of concern or improvement are discussed with the provider and all questions are answered. Prescriptions are given if needed, and referrals to other healthcare professionals can be made to address specific problems which have come up in your case.

At Terry L. Franklin, M.D., we are committed to keeping you healthy for a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you for your Women's Wellness Health Exam. Call today for your appointment. Your health is your most valuable possession!

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