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It is important for travelers to be healthy for a trip, and at Terry L. Franklin, M.D., we are proud to offer outstanding services in healthcare, including travel medicine. Travel medicine focuses specifically on the well-being of travelers, especially those who are traveling outside of the country. If you are planning to make an international trip, you can work with Dr. Terry Franklin and our staff to help ensure that you are properly immunized and healthy before you embark on a trip abroad. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact our Monterey holistic medicine and travel medicine professionals today.

According to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, there are various guidelines for traveling to ensure that particular diseases are not caught and spread. Depending on where you are traveling to, the specific guidelines for your vaccinations may be different. Developing countries will have stricter vaccination requirements, and the immunization process could potentially take up to a few weeks. In order to ensure that you are healthy and properly vaccinated for your trip, it is important you speak with a physician at Terry L. Franklin, M.D. as soon as possible, especially if you are traveling to a developing country.

Do you currently have a medical condition? We can help ensure that you have the medicine you may need for your trip. Certain types of medications may not be available where you are traveling. Talk to a member of our staff about the availability of medications so that you can plan accordingly.

Planning a trip? Contact Terry L. Franklin, M.D.!

It is suggested that travelers start planning for their vaccinations and seek advice from a medical professional at least four to six weeks prior to their travel date. At Terry L. Franklin, M.D., we can advise you about particular immunizations that may be necessary and assist you with obtaining health reports and ensuring that you remain as healthy as possible prior to your trip. Additionally, if you find that you have contracted an illness while abroad, our team can help treat your disorder. Contact Terry L. Franklin, M.D. today to schedule an appointment with our trusted medical staff.

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